Beware of contract slavery

“Freedom at Last” as three teachers were enjoying their coffee in Wenatchee shouted when the Supreme Court ruling concerning compulsory union WEA and agency dues was considered a violation of the First Amendment. This decision directly affects every teacher and employee who belongs to the WEA. No union dues would be subsidizing the Washington State Democratic party for those candidates and policies that directly affect their deeply held religious principles and values in violation of their First Amendment rights, relating to “compelled Speech.”
There is no doubt there will be fewer WEA members after this decision. Teachers can opt out of the WEA immediately. Of course, the WEA will throw up all sorts of road blocks, such that they cannot accept a resignation from the union unless the school WEA representative is part of the process, and then “slow walk” the request to the State WEA who have their own set of “moon walking” behavior patterns. New teachers will be faced with a WEA contract who do not understand the significance of this momentous decision. Beware of the small print if you elect to join the union on your application. You have signed a contract that is legally binding for your entire teaching career in Washington state as a union member that prevents you fom withdrawing from the union at a later date. This is known as “contract slavery.” You may resign from the union but they collect the dues from your paycheck. The Washington state SEICU is a mastee of this technique. Govenor “sleepy” Insley is working with oter labor unions to guarantee union dues from evey government worker by legislative initiative thru the Democratic House and Senate.
Just say “No” to the WEA representative at your school district when that issue of union dues is approached. Too often teachers and other government employees don’t read the fine print, only learn later that they have signed away their First Amendment rights forever.
For those with an “agency shop” agreement wit the WEA, these individuals do not have to pay any WEA union dues whatsoever. Send a certified letter, and hold a duplicate copy, requesting that no WEA fees be deducted from their paycheck, and cite the most recent Supreme Court decision concerning “compelled speech” as a reason for your letter to the WEA. Send a cc to the Cascade or Cashmere school district HR section of your intentions.
If you are still having problems with the WEA, contact Washington Freedom Foundation, by phone or mail who may act on you behalf within the legal system.
The next case to hit the Supreme Court will be “compelled speech”  in the private sector with union sometime in 2019.

Robert Schneider


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