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Tony Hawley has my vote

I have served Okanogan County as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for over 14 years. During this time, I have worked with all of our local law enforcement agencies in countless cases, ranging from traffic infractions to Class A felonies. I have never publicly endorsed a candidate for any local office for obvious reasons. I decided to write this letter because this race has become more about misinformation and politics, than about who the best person is to become our Sheriff.

Tony Hawley has my vote and endorsement for Sheriff without any hesitation. This decision is based on my vast experience in working with him. I have personally observed Tony’s work in all aspects of his job first-hand. These observations include: serious crime scene processing, completion of complex investigations, testifying in motion hearings and trials, and supervising other sheriff deputies as a current Sergeant. Tony is dedicated to his job and he always makes himself available to myself and my office, even when needed after hours on his own time.

I have a deep respect for Tony personally as well. As a member of this community, I would want Tony in charge if I were to be a victim of a crime. My observations of Tony are that he is always professional, courteous, and fair in his dealings with all, while maintaining the authority necessary in each situation. We have a crucial decision to make in November. Tony is the best choice to lead our county as our next Sheriff.

Felecia Chandler

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