Fire burning in Douglas County on Hwy 17, between Hays Road and Road ‘‘K’’ NE

Fire reported about 1 p.m. Friday, Aug. 4

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UPDATED - with Press Release from Washington State Patrol - below

State Fire Mobilization Authorized for Hayes Road Fire

State fire assistance has been mobilized under the Washington State
Fire Services Resource Mobilization Plan in support of local
firefighters working to contain the Hayes Road Fire located near the
town of Mansfield in Douglas County.  The fire is burning in sage,
grass and crops.  Washington State Patrol Chief John Batiste
authorized the mobilization of state firefighting resources on August
4, 2017, at 5:45 pm at the request of Assistant Chief Dan Cavadini,
Douglas County Fire District 3.

The fire started on August 4, 2017, at approximately 2:50 pm, and the
cause is under investigation.  The Hayes Road Fire is estimated at 500
acres and growing.  The fire is threatening crops and homes.  Level 3
evacuation notices are in place for 12 homes in the area.

Mobilization specialists from the Fire Protection Bureau have ordered
five strike teams.  The fire will be managed by a Type 3 Incident
Management Team.

The State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at Camp Murray is
activated to a Level 2 to coordinate state assistance for the Hayes
Road Fire.  State Fire Marshal's Office personnel are en route the
scene to coordinate dispatch of resources.

Under the State Fire Services Resource Mobilization Plan, the Fire
Protection Bureau coordinates the initial dispatch and continued
administrative oversight of resources and personnel for the duration
of the incident.  The Mobilization Plan is implemented to provide a
process to quickly notify, assemble and deploy fire service personnel,
equipment and other resources from around the state when fires,
disasters or other events exceed the capacity of local jurisdictions.
More information about the Washington State Fire Services Resource
Mobilization Plan is available at:<>.


The State Fire Marshal's Office is a Bureau of the Washington State
Patrol, providing fire and life safety services to the citizens of
Washington State including inspections of state licensed facilities,
plan review of school construction projects, licensing of fire
sprinkler contractors and pyrotechnic operators, training Washington
States firefighters, and collecting emergency response data.

Submitted by Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal, Douglas County Sheriff - on Friday, August 4

DOUGLAS COUNTY - Today at 1:00 PM a Douglas County Deputy on routine patrol spotted a brush fire burning on both sides of Hwy. 17 Between Hays Rd. and Rd. “K” NE.  He reported the fire was being pushed by strong winds.  A level I evacuation notice has been issued for a three mile radius around the fire.  I have no additional details at this time.  More to follow.


2:56 p.m. Update

Level III evacuation notices are being issued for homes east of Rd. “K” NE and south of Hwy. 17. The fire is still being pushed by strong wind.


4:21 p.m. Update

The Red Cross is setting up shelter at Bridgeport High School.  It will take approximately three hours for them to be fully operational.


6:29 p.m. Update

The fire has split with one leg moving south towards Hwy. 172 and is currently at about Rd. 18 NE.  The other leg is moving east.  My information is that the fire burning on the north side of Hwy. 17 has been largely contained with firefighters keeping a close eye to make sure is does not jump the road.  There have been no more Level III evacuations.  The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has moved its mobile command post north to help facilitate a unified incident command.  The command post allows for better communications in remote areas.  Douglas County has also dispatched a grader to help cut fire lines.


6:40 p.m. Update

The fire has gone to state mobilization.  That means that assets from around the state can be brought in to fight the fire.


As more information becomes available story will be updated


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