Open letter to Dan Newhouse

On Feb. 23 constituents of the 4th congressional district of Washington gathered at the Methow Valley Community Center in Twisp, WA to participate in democracy and make our voices heard by you, our elected representative. You were not present. Had you or a member of your staff been able to attend, here are some questions I would have liked to ask.
1. Thank you for your recent support of the BRIDGE Act. You stated on your Facebook page that congress will come together to build “a reasonable and accessible immigration system going forward”. What does that mean to you in terms of specific policy and the effect on the thousands of immigrants that live, work and support economies in your district?
2. On your website you state “I believe it is important that we preserve our beautiful national parks, forests, recreational areas, and wildlife for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.” Your environmental voting record and the bills you have sponsored seem to contradict this statement. Will you clarify your actual position for us?
3. In light of all of the credible suspicion of corruption, conflict of interest and potential tampering with an election by a hostile foreign government combined with the constant lies and erratic behavior coming from the most powerful office in our country Will you support an independent investigation into the Trump administration’s ties with Russia and will you be a leader in your party who will be vocal and take bold action to maintain our democracy?
I have many more questions for you and I am certain I am not the only one. We deserve to hear from you and to be heard by you. You will be hearing from us daily. Let’s make a town hall meeting happen.

Ian Ross

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