Thank you veterans

I was born in Wenatchee in 1951 and was raised by the finest folks this world had to offer. These men were dear friends of my father, Cleo. Nelson Quast, Morris Taylor, Buzz Buts.....( my spelling might not be correct.) As Memorial Day passes, I must say, these men put the fire in my life. Although I was not allowed in the room when these hero's told their stories, I managed to sneak a listen or two. From Bataan to the German lines I heard every word. One cannot imagine how this could effect a six year old, but it did not put hate in my heart. .. Only a severe love of my country, my home. The United States of America. I served 7 years in the 1st/142/Air Mobile Field Artillery with these brave men by my side. I say God bless them and their families, and I thank you all. You are all true heros.

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