Appalled at today’s politics

Like so many, I am appalled at today’s politics. Each day we are being asked to buy into yet another story, stories propagated by partisan leadership, much of it designed to divide the opinion of all Americans.  I am very concerned that we not forget what Democracy is all about. To keep Democracy alive and intact we must be an informed citizenry, informed on the truth and not opinion and mistruths designed to pull us to one side or the other.
 I had the opportunity to meet Vladimir Putin in 1999 as part of a world trade organization roundtable group. He occurred to me as a highly strategic thinker. He strives to make Russia the world leader. To do this he must create division and render democracy ineffective in the US. He’s succeeding.  It is alarming that our own leaders are so silent on this issue, including our own, Rep. Newhouse.
A while back I listened to an interview with a Fox News executive who, when asked about some misleading reporting in their news, replied at Fox News ‘accuracy is not a priority’. This should give us great pause. It is imperative we remain informed on the truth, get our news from reputable sources, such as major news networks who demand vetting and confirmation before reporting. Only then can we ensure the strength of our democracy. Our country’s motto is E Pluribus Unum. Out of many, one. That is, United We Stand, for surely divided we fall.
 Sarah Gelineau, Tonasket

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