King bill is terrible for public health and the environment

There’s an important issue that hasn’t received much media coverage but that affects every reader’s life.
U.S. Representative Steve King’s (R-IA) bill, HR 3599, The “King bill,” HR 3599, undermines the authority of states to pass laws to protects animals and their citizens.  Many critical laws protecting animals, including those regulating factory farms, battery cages, puppy mills, and preventing the sale of dog meat, are in danger.   Representative King has more factory-farmed chickens in his congressional district than any other member of Congress. Because they’re not able to compete against farmers who practice good animal stewardship, the King bill would abolish essentially all state and local agricultural laws so they could flood our markets with Iowa chickens
This bill would also forbid states from regulating the quality and safety of food products imported from other states. When congress is in the grip of special interests like Monsanto, a state or local legislature can be a powerful tool. There’s much we don’t know about the safety of certain pesticides and other dangerous chemicals, yet King’s bill would force each state to allow virtually any agricultural product, no matter how dangerous, into its market.  This threatens the sanctity of the Tenth Amendment and our rights to protect ourselves from hazardous and irresponsible agribusiness practices.  
The King bill is terrible for public health and the environment.  Please call and write your members of Congress and tell them to oppose it.

Peri Gallucci

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