Its a mad, mad world

Its a mad, mad world    
Planned Parenthood “protects kids” by supporting the gun control lobby while they have no problem participating in the murder of millions of unborn children.
Many Americans believe in socialism. But look at socialist Venezuela (where years ago the government disarmed the people while heavily arming themselves). The government and the bad guys are the only ones able to  protect themselves. People are starving. Zoo animals are eating each other. The general population is leaving in droves.
There are armed guards for our politicians and entertainers, in banks, at football games, at academy awards ceremonies, etc. but our schools are completely defenseless except for the “gun free zone” signs.
While promoting “tolerance” many will spit in your face or verbally and physically attack you for disagreeing with them. Most colleges do not allow free speech on campus.
Christians are labeled “mentally ill” by the likes of Joy Behar for their belief in God.
A political party buys a false document against the opposing party’s candidate, and  presents that document to a secret court as the primary evidence for a warrant to spy on the competition during the campaign. And nobody finds out  until after the campaign is over.
Federal legislators have slush funds to quietly pay off those who would expose a legislator’s sexual misconduct, or illegal actions.
Whistleblowers are told they will be treated fairly, but are almost always marginalized, demonized by the press, fired, financially ruined, and often murdered for speaking out against corruption.
A federal Supreme Court judge dies at an elite “ranch” in the middle of nowhere under very suspicious circumstances. No autopsy is performed. His body is whisked away and promptly cremated, destroying any forensic evidence that could have shed light on the facts surrounding his death.
Federal employees are virtually impossible to fire. Because of the federal employees union, it is easier and faster to transfer or promote a problem employee than to fire them. And just try and shut down a federal program that has outlived its usefulness.

What’s next?

Chrystal Perrow

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