My view of hypocrisy and mendacious irony

1. The Russia collusion delusion illusion targeting president Trump with ZERO evidence after 20 months by democrat prosecutors and ignoring the many obvious felonies committed by the Obama and Clinton administrations.
2. Hypocrisy is democrat politicians and Hollywood types calling for gun control while being surrounded by gun toting security details.
3. When I grew up there were guns every where and nobody got shot. It's not about gun control, it is about people who are not taught the value of life and respect for laws. Control the crook & nut, not the gun.
4. Stop blaming white people for your own bad choices.
5. If gun control worked, Chicago would be murder free. Chicago has the strictest gun  control laws and the highest gun murder rates in the country.
6.  When JFK was murdered nobody blamed the rifle.
7. The 2nd amendment wasn't intended to guarantee your safety or provide hunting opportunities, it was intended to guarantee your ability to fight back against attackers and a future tyrannical government.
.8 The 2nd amendment makes more women equal than liberals and the entire feminist movement ever did.
9. Illegal aliens say they are Americans, just not legally, and bank robbers get money, just not legally.
10. You don't need a smoke detector, that's what the fire department is for. If you think that sounds stupid, now you know how I feel when you say I don't need a gun and plenty of ammunition  to defend myself.
11. Eleven teenagers die  every day in car accidents caused by texting while driving, maybe it's time to raise the age to 21 to own a smartphone or ban smartphones and cars. About 40,000 people die in car accidents every year, why do liberals not call for " car control " ?
12. 90% of college students approved when asked if they want socialism, but opposed the idea when asked if they want their money redistributed to other people who didn't earn it. DUH !
13. I have no problem with vigorous background checks on gun purchases, while we are at it lets do the same for immigration and voter ID.
14. Many liberals keep talking about another civil war against conservative values when one side has millions of guns and trillions of bullets and the will to defend themselves and the other side doesn't know which bathroom to use or what gender they are. This would be a quick fight.
15. Legal gun owners have about 300 million guns and about a trillion rounds of ammunition. Seriously guys, if we were the problem you would know it.
16. The NRA murders ZERO people, receives ZERO government $$. Planned Parenthood kills 300,000 babies every year and gets $500,000,00 of our tax dollars annually for this mass murder of human babies.
17. Liberals demand gun control after every shooting, but they never demand border control after every rape and murder by illegal immigrants - WHY ?
18. Why do the liberals in government want to ban semi automatic rifles ? Because they know that you won't willingly get into the boxcars enroute to the concentration camps.
19.  Liberals - aka socialists, progressives and communists believe owning a gun is a sign of mental illness, but believe men dressing as women and using women's bathrooms is normal behavior...............DUH !
  Liberalism, socialism, progressivism is all communism and it has never worked wherever and whenever it has been tried. It has failed spectacularly and always led to poverty, mass murder and tyranny. Just look at what has happened recently in Venezuela.  Why can the leftist useful idiots not learn this repeated lesson of history ?  I think it is because they analyze the world around them emotionally instead of rationally and see the world as they wish it to be, instead of how it really is. Border walls DO work, that's why liberals don't want them built.
  The illegal immigration problem has not been fixed because ;
1. The democrat party wants them as registered voters.
2. Many republican business owners want them as cheap labor.
3.  Many religious churches ( Catholic and Lutheran etc. ) want them as new members.

Bill Cowles

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