Douglas County Sheriff

June 26
Parking/abandoned vehicle at 105 Arden Ave. on Bridgeport Bar.
Public assistance at 2400 Tacoma Ave. No. 16 in Bridgeport.
Agency assistance at 39 W. First Ave. in Mansfield.
Warrant at Quik-E-Mart, 2606 Foster Creek Ave. in Bridgeport.

June 27
Vehicle prowl at 13356 State Route 17 on Bridgeport Bar.
Malicious mischief at Epic, 1400 Columbia Ave. in Bridgeport.
911 at 1624 Columbia Ave., U, in Bridgeport.
Traffic offense at State Route 17, milepost 136 in Bridgeport.
Public assistance at Jehovah’s Witness Church, 805 State Route 173 on Bridgeport Bar.
Suspicious incident at 1011-1/2 Foster Ave. area in Bridgeport.  

June 28
Animal problem 1255 Fairview Ave., No. 6 in Bridgeport.

June 29
Parking/abandoned vehicle behind 611 Columbia Ave. in Bridgeport.
Animal problem at 911 Foster Ave. in Bridgeport.
Disturbance at the 1909 Monroe Ave. area in Bridgeport.

June 30
Suspicious incident at 106 Berry St. on Bridgeport Bar.
Animal problem at 121 Cross St. on Bridgeport Bar.
Fraud/forgery at 8 Shop Rd. on Bridgeport Bar.
Agency assistance at 2002 Tacoma Ave. in Bridgeport.
Harassment/threat at State Route 173, milepost 10 on Bridgeport Bar.
Warrant at 2200 Foster Creek Ave. in Bridgeport.
Civil incident at Jameson Lake Resort, 580 N. Jameson Lake Rd. in Mansfield.

July 1
Alarm at 45 Columbia Ave. in Bridgeport.
Attempt to locate, attempt to contact at 400 Fairview Ave. in Bridgeport.
Parking/abandoned vehicle at the 300 block of Jefferson Ave. in Bridgeport.

July 2
Agency assistance at 929 Maple St., No. 47 in Bridgeport.
Traffic offense at 25th Street and Foster Creek Avenue in Bridgeport.

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