Brewster city officials Mayor Art Smyth, left, Director of Public Works Lee Webster, council member Avis Erickson, Clerk/Treasurer Misty Ruiz, council member Jan May, paid a visit to their state legislators earlier this month to thank them for their help in securing water system funding.
OLYMPIA – It isn’t every day that the Washington State House of Representatives acknowledges en masse a small town’s achievement with a standing ovation. And when Brewster city officials made a special trip to the State House in mid-March to thank their legislators for city water financing...

Cary Condotta, State Rep., 12th District
OLYMPIA - I appreciate the opportunity to discuss my vote on SB 6617 and the events leading up to it.  I believe many important details were left out of the reports coming from many media sources.  Being that many of these sources were also plaintiffs in a court case regarding legislative records,...

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