Football All-League nominees named

BRIDGEPORT –The Bridgeport High School Mustangs varsity football team is this year’s winner of the Sportsmanship Award given by the coaches and athletic directors in the Central Washington 2B League.
Players named to the
All-League First Team include:

Ernie Nanamkin, Brewster junior, running back.
Diego Martinez, Bridgeport junior, kicker.
Alfredo Nila, Brewster junior, linebacker.
Diego Martinez, Bridgeport, punter.
All-League Second Team:

Alfredo Nila, Brewster, lineman.
Honorable Mention

Caiden Riggan, Brewster senior.
Connor Wiggs, Brewster senior.
Joe Taylor, Brewster junior.
Caiden Riggan, Brewster.
Connor Wiggs, Brewster.
Jeff Sonneman, Brewster junior.
Gio Nila, Brewster freshman

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