Douglas County Sheriff's Report

Tuesday, May 16
Malicious mischief Bridgeport Community Church, 1300 Foster Ave. in Bridgeport.
Disturbance at 4 Cedar Ave. in Bridgeport Bar.
Suspicious incident at 431 15th St. in Bridgeport.
Thursday, May 18
Public assistance at 1720 Fisk Ave. in Bridgeport.
Friday, May 19
Weapons violation at 498 State Route 173 in Bridgeport Bar.
Warrant at 1105 Douglas Ave. in Bridgeport.
Harassment/threat at the Town Bar and Grill,34 Main St. in Mansfield.
Extra patrol at Columbia Avenue and Fourth Street in Bridgeport.
Welfare check at Quik-E-Mart, 2606 Foster Creek Ave. in Bridgeport.
Agency assistance at 2400 Tacoma Ave., No. 8, in Bridgeport.
Saturday, May 20
Domestic disturbance at 1900 Fisk Ave. in Bridgeport.
Noise at 19th St. and Tacoma Ave. in Bridgeport.
Sunday, May 21
Domestic disturbance at 929 Maple St. in Bridgeport.
Monday, May 22
Traffic offense at State Route 17, milepost 119 in Mansfield.
Traffic offense at Fairview Avenue and 12th Street in Bridgeport.
Traffic offense at State Route 17, Okanogan Bridge in Bridgeport.

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