Douglas County Sheriffs Report

August 7
Public assistance at Quik-E-Mart, 2606 Foster Creek Ave. in Bridgeport.
Agency assistance at Triangle Gas Station, 405 U.S. 97 in Brewster.
August 8
Parking/abandoned vehicle at 1700 Foster Ave. in Bridgeport.
Scam at 108 Arden Ave. on Bridgeport Bar.
Domestic disturbance at 476 Crane Orchard Rd. on Bridgeport Bar.
August 10
Extra patrol at Columbia Avenue and 10th Street in Bridgeport.
August 11
Animal problem at 557 State Route 173 on Bridgeport Bar.
Animal problem at 14 Zerelda Rd. on Bridgeport Bar.
Traffic offense at 15th Street. and Foster Avenue in Bridgeport.
Noise at the 500 block of Columbia Avenue in Bridgeport.
Noise at the Event Center, 11th Street and Columbia Avenue in Bridgeport.
August 12
911 at 35 Simpson St. in Mansfield.
Suspicious incident at 60 McCormack St. on Bridgeport Bar.
August 13
Agency assistance at 430 16th St. in Bridgeport.
Non-injury accident at Main Street and E. Railroad Avenue in Mansfield.
August 14
Traffic offense at 16th Street and Douglas Avenue in Bridgeport.

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