Receipe for making your own hand sanitizer

Make your own hand sanitizer... 

Here's what you'll need to make your own hand sanitizer:
2/3 cup Isopropyl alcohol 91% (rubbing alcohol) - this is great to stock up
on and buy in bulk
1/3 cup aloe vera gel - great to stock up on for burns or rashes
Essential oil in your choice of fragrance (optional)
A small or medium mixing bowl
A spoon
An empty container, such as a 3-ounce container from a travel toiletries kit
A small piece of masking tape for labeling

*The CDC recommends using hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content
in order to make it effective at killing most viruses and bacteria. This
recipe will make a sanitizer that slightly exceeds that alcohol content at
60.66%, so follow the proportions exactly. If you want a sanitizer with a
higher alcohol percentage, decrease the amount of aloe vera to 1/4 cup.
In a mixing bowl, stir Isopropyl alcohol and aloe vera gel together until
well blended. Add 8-10 drops of scented essential oil (optional). Stir to
incorporate. Pour the homemade hand sanitizer into an empty container and
seal. Write "hand sanitizer" on a piece of masking tape and affix it to the
That's it! It's that easy! Consider doubling or even tripling this recipe if
you enjoy the outcome, or play around with the quantities yourself. Maybe a
concentration of less than 60% alcohol is right for you, especially if you
have dry skin and aren't in an area where the virus is widespread.

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