Apple Pie Jamboree watercross results

Beautiful fireworks were enjoyed by many during the recent Apple Pie Jamboree. Courtesy Joshua Corsa

The Ski Lites class fires off the startline Saturday, July 16, during racing in Pateros City Park. Courtesy Roger Harnack

APJ visitors take a tour of the teepee in the Memorial to the Methow. Mike Maltais/QCH

Crystal Cavasos, holding daughter Sylvia, left, and sister-in-law, Cindy Cavasos staff their vendor stand at this month’s Pateros Apple Pie Jamboree.

PATEROS – Here are the official results of the Apple Pie Jamboree watercross racing from July 16-17:
Ski Stock (4-stroke 1050-1500)
1 Nathan Lesh
2 Trinity Klecker
3 Nathan Clements
4 Parker Lawrence
Ski Vet Open (35+)
1 Elif Baydar
2 Seth McNeil
3 Kyle Buchanan
4 Barry Ault
5 Tom Yamamoto
6 Lance Klecker
7 Austin Farr
Ski Beginner (550-800cc 2-stroke)
1 Garrett Marr
2 Shelley Newman
3 Rodolfo Mendoza
4 Jase Wilske
5 Tevan Hildreth
6 Megan Denson
Ski 2-Stroke (No AM Hull)
1 Curtis Pitman
2 Emery Knotts
3 Jake Starbard
4 Nathan Lesh
5 Cole McIntyre
6 Trinity Klecker
7 Seth McNeil
8 Nathan Clements
9 Cadan Kirkpatrick
10 Austin Farr
Ski Open GP (Any Ski)
1 Curtis Pitman
2 Nathan Lesh
3 Elif Baydar
4 Kyle Buchanan
X2 Vintage/Sport Spec
1 Tom Yamamoto
2 Jake Starbard
3 Barry Ault
4 Justin Wheir
Ski Vintage (550-650)
1 Austin Farr
2 Nathan Clements
3 Tevan Hildreth
4 Roldofo Mendoza
Ski Junior (10-15 2-stroke lites)
1 Parker Lawrence
2 Jordan Miller

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