Climate hoax demonstrates failure of government run education

Last Friday the children of the “World” went out on strike against government inaction to address climate change.
I’m excited to see young people who are motivated to call attention to something other than the latest rock star. The problem is there is not a consensus by real scientists that carbon dioxide is a harmful greenhouse gas or that continued use of carbon based fuels will doom life as we know it on this planet.
Climate Change has become the undebatable religion of the environmental zealots. Try to discuss the flaws in their claims of doom and you are attacked as a denier or worse a sycophant of the evil energy companies that are willing to destroy our planet for the sake of their endless greed. There can be no debate about the underlying hypothesis that our planetary home is being destroyed by our modern lifestyle.
Our government controlled public schools have used their power to propagandize the issue. Whether as an intentional conspiracy or the unfortunate result of misguided group think the result is the same. Our children have been taught that unless government takes action to control the climate impacts of our current excessively wasteful lifestyle they will inherit an uninhabitable planet.
The problem is politicians are now proposing solutions that are truly draconian and unlikely to actually have any real impact on climate. They will however destroy the economic vitality of the country and give the government dictatorial powers over every human activity. 
Consider the “Green New Deal” a proposal that would ban airplanes, cows and require all buildings in the country to be rebuilt to new energy efficient standards.
If you think I am overstating the problem here, try to have a conversation with your children about the issue. I love my two boys and an immensely proud of them but on the issue of climate change they are blind to any argument that draws the issue into question.
I have talked to many parents that have experienced the same reaction from their children. 
The environmentalists have taught our children that their parents are not to be trusted on this issue. We are the evil destroyers of the planet with our lifestyle. It sort of takes me back to the 60’s where we weren’t supposed to trust anyone over 30.
There are real climate scientists who are making reasoned arguments about the faulty science of the climate change zealots. My favorite is Patrick Moore. Moore was the former President of Greenpeace and an environmental scientist who has examined the history of our ever changing climate. He has concluded that carbon dioxide levels are not too high, in fact he claims that current CO2 levels are putting plants on a starvation diet.
Our children are ill prepared to assess the issue in a truly objective manner. And going on strike to demand the government take action is a dangerously wrong approach. 
If there was ever a case to be made for school vouchers the current success of our government run schools to allow this issue to dominate the political thoughts of our youth is a prime example of the need for educational diversity.
School vouchers give parents the power to decide where the money for their children’s education is best spent. It would create real competition for educational money. Private schools should include religious schools not fake alternatives like government sponsored Charter Schools. 
It is time to abolish the Federal Department of Education and put children’s education back into the hands of parents.

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