The pigs are squealing in D.C.

Finally, the entrenched bureaucracy is being dismantled. FBI Director James Comey is not the first to go and hopefully not the last. He is just the biggest fish so far. This is what most Americans were calling for when they voted for Trump.
Democrats are trying to spin this as some sort of conspiracy by Trump to kill the investigation of how Trump and the Russians conspired to steal the election.
Just a few short months ago these same Democrats were blaming Comey for killing Hillary’s presidential run. It is time for these Democrats to act like adults and accept their defeat. They put up a flawed candidate. They lost. Most Americans are beginning to see through the lies of the far left and have rejected another administration bound on dismantling our Constitution.
Truth is the Democrat Party has lost its way. While many Democrats are well meaning devotees of the mantra of standing up for the little guy. The party has been taken over by radical leftists who have blinded their loyal supporters by twisting history, science and social justice to justify their radical positions.
Under the current Democrat leadership traditional Americans are the problem. Traditional Americans are self centered, greedy, sexist, racist homophobes that must be reined in by a more compassionate and enlightened central government. They don’t talk like that but their policies, protests and legislative actions belie their true intentions.
Democrats are quick to claim that President Trump did not win the popular vote so he is not a legitimate President. That argument is indicative of their true disdain for the Constitution.
Except for the California fruits and nuts and the Globalists in New York City and Washington, D.C. the great bulk of the American people rejected Hillary. Trump won the popular vote in most of the rest of the country and was elected by a landslide in the Electoral College. Neither candidate won a true majority of the electorate. Those are the facts.
The Electoral College is that pesky Constitutional system set up by our founding fathers to insure no heavily populated state could dominate the election. The Democrats squealing about Trump’s illegitimacy clearly only want to follow the Constitution when it accords with their view of how our government should work.
The justice department is a good place to start the cleanup. If we truly believe we are a nation of laws then the justice department must be a non-partisan enforcement agency. Remember how the statue of a blindfolded lady justice is holding balanced scales? The justice department has lost its way failing to prosecute obvious violations of the law by powerful connected politicians and in racially charged incidents. In other words, the justice department can no longer balance the scales.
The justice department should be enforcing the federal laws on immigration. Remember how the Department of Justice sued the state of Arizona when the Arizona Governor tried to enforce immigration laws there? And how has the justice department reacted to the issue of sanctuary cities?
Regardless of whether the justice department believes the immigration laws are out of date, they do not get to choose which laws to enforce. Congress makes the laws and once passed it is up to the justice department to enforce those laws.
When FBI Director Comey said, “Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.” He tipped the scales of justice by giving a powerful politician a pass that would not have been accorded other individuals.
Politicians and bureaucrats in Washington work for us – the American people. Their growing sense of special privilege is a growing cancer on our great American experiment.
There are a lot more entrenched bureaucrats slithering through the halls of our nations capital. Many of them need to go. It is not going to be easy to separate the good ones from the bad ones and you can be sure the electronic media will continue to dwell on the drama and not on the facts.
A little housekeeping is what the American people have been demanding. Expect more squealing pigs.

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