Bridgeport Chamber promotion encourages a search for the cookies

n an effort to get more information out there about the Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce, new president Charlene Knox is baking cookies.

Real cookies. With real butter and real raisins and oatmeal and chocolate chips. Yum.

And she's giving them away.

Knox is putting homemade cookies in one business that's a Chamber member today, Thursday, Oct. 23; Bridgeport residents should feel free to go in and pick up a cookie. And that's the whole point, Knox said--so that residents will go into local businesses, take a look around, learn about businesses in Bridgeport and about the Chamber. Next Thursday, she said, she'll pick another business and make another batch of cookies.

The catch is, she's not saying which business it is, so that people in search of a homemade cookie have to go look around town. But they are out there somewhere, she said, and Bridgeport residents are invited to partake.

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