‘Death to America’ by bugs, not blunt force trauma

Iran, China, Russia, North Korea and who knows what other entities or countries want us to all die. They are jealous of what we have and are too lazy and greedy at the upper echelons to work hard to get it for themselves.
So they will employ two types of “bugs” against us – and we ain’t talkin’ boll weevils.
First will be the cyberbug spread at the speed of the internet via all the Macs & PCs out there. Then add in all the emails, chatrooms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs, websites, etc.
As far as the cyberbug is concerned, anybody can learn the art and sleight of hand required for hacking and for inserting viruses of varying magnitude.
Then the biological kind that masquerades as the flu will be spread purposely or not, but it will be spread by a combination of worldwide travel of millions of people every year as well as international commerce.
Back in the day, rats and other critters brought by ship all types of nasty surprises for the colonists and the Indigenous Peoples.
Besides disease, some critters got loose and have been an issue ever since. Take the feral pig population that has, over the last two centuries or so, produced huge herds of huge pigs, mostly all over the south.
Then there are the various snails, birds, reptiles like boas in the Everglades and weeds and trees and flowers of all kinds that have decimated the native ecology.
While most Americans are happy to invest (pay taxes) to maintain the strongest military force in the history of the world, the potential harm to our way of life will not come from warfare, or as I call it, “blunt force trauma,” but from clever and opportunistic terrorists and failed nation states that still want to play with the big boys.
Libya comes to mind as well as Palestine, ISIS, Syria, the Taliban and hosts of other power grabbing entities. To be certain, traditional war machines will still be the norm, but incredible amounts of financial and health damage can be done to cripple our culture via these two types of aforementioned bugs.
 I envision cyber attacks and biological/ecological attacks will be employed to “soften” our defenses and then the surprise physical attacks, such as infrastructure bombings, will take place.
Our computers controlling most of our lives will be hacked and then millions will become infected from viruses and bacteria, thus killing hundreds of thousands if not millions of people.
A “simple” thing like messing with the busses, subways, street traffic lights and 911 systems in a few of our major cities would cause massive chaos. Add in the hacking of all control towers in the hub airline cities and perhaps the water flow from every major dam.
Rural areas will not be immuned as the hackers will make sure ATM’s of every bank get compromised. I am far from the first to mention this scenario because we have all heard of the survivalist, apocalypse bunker-inclined individuals and groups waiting for the End Times.
I am not a soothsayer, but it might be a good idea to stock up on Skippy peanut butter, powdered milk and Bumble Bee Tuna. Learning to purify water and raising a few yardbirds (chickens) and growing some potatoes would also help. Get a shovel, some guns & ammo and a few dogs with big teeth and an attitude.   

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