‘We are committed’ to lower standards, participation awards

Here we go again, the lowering of qualifications in order to prove a company or government entity has a “diverse” staff. I have quoted verbatim an advertisement for a job position from a Washington state corporation located on the “liberal westside” to illustrate my point (including the company’s italicized words)): 
“We are committed in order to prove diversity and creating an inclusive staff. We encourage members of traditionally underrepresented communities to apply.  If your profile doesn’t match this job description exactly, you may still be a candidate for this position.”
Ask yourself why any company would be willing to lower its position qualifications in order to show a façade of diversity? It must be to get government funding or public affection (positive PR).
I have a story from the year 2008 when I was a recruiting officer for the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau in Colorado.
My immediate supervisor came into my classroom and told me that “this comes from the top” and that I must hire a Black or Hispanic to be a foreman on one of the teams we were creating.
I said it was no problem because I already had chosen a highly qualified Hispanic lady to be a foreman. There were no Blacks in the class.
When a qualified candidate is available, there is no reason for them not to be hired. The fact that I was told to hire a minority was funny. The Census Bureau did not want to be seen as racist by not having minorities on staff.
The top boss of this Colorado Springs Census District was a Black lady and that never bothered me. We worked together just fine.
Here we are in 2021 and the issue is still rearing its ugly head. 
I am not the most educated person, nor the most experienced in anything, but at least I can form basic sentences and occasionally use “million-dollar words” to help illustrate my points.
I am ashamed to say that many of today’s high school graduates and -- yes --- college graduates with degrees in journalism, are woefully in need of writing mentors, yet they leave college and demand top wages.
I blame the schools, both high school and college, for allowing the criteria of this skillset be lowered to this extent. Of course, students can also try harder by adding outside studies to their list of “how to rise above the rest.” Outside studies does not include more time on FaceBook, Twitter or You Tube.
Depending on learning required curriculum isn’t good enough. I urge students and parents to reach out and get educated in real life subjects such as getting internships with companies during the summer months or evening.
Perhaps I am just acting like an oldster when I state that 9th Graders in the 1930s through the 1970s were far more qualified to write coherent sentences, than many of todays high schoolers and college graduates.
This leads me to believe that the public school system, on both levels, is settling for second best. I would imagine many of the younger teachers of today were able to slip through the system as well. Therefore, this continuous degradation of written skills will continue ad infinitum. 
I won’t bother to mention science, math and American history studies.
Why do we settle for this? It is simple: It is far easier to give out “participation trophies” then to say, “you need to do better in order to win a prize.”
Our nation has consequently suffered intellectually for this forced “diversity” surge. Black folks and Hispanic folks and indeed, anyone, can write, comprehend, read and do anything else that “us privileged White” people can. 
It is a disservice and an embarrassment to let anyone slide by lowering the necessary qualifications in order to please the people who distribute the tax money.
It hurts all Americans and especially those who are getting hired, promoted or certified without the proper credentials.
This disease of sub-par performance can be altered a bit by flowing more money to private education institutions, including schools operated by religious organizations. Tax credits for this expense are a good thing.



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