America has lost its soul

President Trump was impeached for the second time two weeks ago. Beyond the fact that the action was truly pointless, it is also un-American.

Throughout our history we have stood for fairness. We have held that an individual is innocent until proven guilty. Trump was accused by the media and the House of Representatives of inciting an insurrection that lead to an assault on the Capitol Building.

As a 40-year veteran of the news community, I am deeply disappointed in the depth to which our Media has fallen. Their job is to help keep government honest. They are not king makers although they seem to have collectively decided that is their role.

Problem number one with their story is Trump never called on the crowd, estimated to be 250,000, to be violent. In fact, his exact words were, “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

The national press continues to run the story that Trump inspired the insurrection on the basis that he did call for his supporters to fight for the good of the country. And he outlined numerous election irregularities that Democrats and government insiders rejected as unfounded.

Problem number two is the timeline of the attack on the Capitol and the movement of Trump’s supporters toward the Capitol. Depending on which media source you look at the timeline varies, but the group that was directly in front of the Capitol building was there before Trump made his speech and most likely never heard it.

Again the “main stream” media continues to claim the assault on the Capitol was by angry Trump supporters because they were carrying Trump flags or wearing MAGA hats. Those are pretty thin facts on which to build a case.

Finally, there is new evidence that the breach of the Capitol building was inspired by BLM and Antifa activists. One of the first arrests turned out to be of John Sullivan a BLM activist who was apparently encouraging the crowd to become disruptive.

If you take the time to review the endless list of available videos you can hear individuals in the crowd saying, “we don’t do this s***!” So, the problem with the media portrayal is they are painting all of the crowd as being “right wing radicals.” It seems that what we have here is “systemic media bias against conservatives.”

It is simply, a lie. While there were undoubtedly some radicals present that morning – both right wing and left wing. They were not all Trump supporters bent on insurrection.

The entire country has been under assault by left wing radicals all summer. Today the left want us all to believe the assault on the Capitol was by out of control Trump supporters without any real investigation of what occurred by whom and for what reason. That is clearly un-American.

Seventy plus million citizens do not believe the results of this election. That is a problem. Unless something is done to address their concerns besides simply claiming they are wrong without critically examining their complaints will only result in continuing unrest.

I have heard a number of conservatives calling for an armed revolution. I do not support that.

Before we jump on the latest video showing the growing frustrations of the American people, we must find a way to get back to our roots. Roots that call for us to evaluate these emotionally charged events with objectivity and fairness.

Our Federal government is failing us, the American citizens. Their partisanship has caused them to lose sight of their primary responsibility to serve the American people.

There is, however, a process written into our Constitution to deal with this exact problem. Article V allows the people to call for a Convention of States for the sole purpose of amending the US Constitution. It takes 34 state legislatures to pass a bill calling for the Convention of States.

Once called the Convention of States gives each state one vote to approve the measures passed by the Convention. Once the Convention passes their amendments the amendments still require the approval of three fourths of the states, but the Federal Government does not get to debate the amendments. Some of the recommendations being suggested for the COS to consider are Term Limits and a balanced budget. They may also want to consider Constitutional rules governing elections.

Our system is badly broken. The result is a growing distrust among all Americans that will only continue to fester like a bad sore. We owe it to each other to make sure the World’s only government of the people, by the people and for the people remains so.

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