Death By Robot

Police manuals across the land need to be rewritten to include charges filed for "DBR" - Death By Robot. Industrialized nations will need to move fast to set legal sentencing guidelines for guilty verdicts.
Judges worldwide will need some quick continuing education credits, probably every few months, just to figure out what to do with these scalawags, i.e., Robots In Control Of Our Lives Outbreak or, as one would call it on a television prescription drug commercial - RICOOLO.
I recently watched in disbelief as a Volkswagen commercial touted the introduction of an available "pedestrian monitoring" system on its newest models.
It could only mean one thing to me: Death by Robot. The commercial showed a mother and her child stepping out in front of a car and through a miracle of technology, the vehicle slowed down enough so it didn't strike the reckless couple.
Inside the vehicle were people grabbing their fast food just in time so it wouldn't spill and ruin their evening. We couldn't have that, now could we? Never mind killing a mother and her little boy. Whew! Now I can go back to texting instead of actually driving.
RICOOLO equals DBR because without humans ceding control and power to the engineers who invent these tech gimmicks, there would no danger of dying from them.
Should we then find and imprison the engineers responsible? Yes, it is a good start. I guarantee that somewhere in Silicon Valley or the bowels of Seattle, Stuttgart or Yokohama, an engineer is working hard at eliminating more humans from the workforce by inventing "labor saving" devices just like the pedestrian monitoring system.
It is not just the engineers that need to be captured and locked away for the good of "the masses", it is also the entire chain of command that approves these miracles of the mind transformed into reality.
That's right, the CEO, the mid-level managers, the supervisors of the departments - jail them all.
Let's start with the genius that invented texting for their failure to prevent "distracted driving" while using their cellphones. I admit to having a dog in this fight. A young "distracted driver" rear-ended me back in May and I am still suffering the effects.
So, according to my aforementioned philosophy, all the big tech names should be jailed, if not for collusion in an attempted murder then at least for reckless endangerment or malfeasance.
Me hold a grudge? You betcha! While we're at it, let's find that moron that invented the cup holder for my car and placed it immediately in front of the gear selection handle (stick shift). That engineer obviously never touched a cup of coffee in an early morning commute. Alas, I can't blame a robot per se, but his thinking was robotic as in, "oh, gee, I forgot to put in a cup holder, well we'll just stick  over here so it really can't be used by humans."
To make matters worse, the anti-social, anti-marriage idiot only put in one cup holder. Now a man driver must kowtow to the woman that already runs his life and "allow" her to use it. If the driver is a woman, she will assume it was personally engineered for her anyway, but will still gripe about the engineer and most likely will comment that it had to be a man.
In either case, that "man" is most likely a Communist and should be shot on sight.
Perhaps by a robotic pistol held by a robotic hand and activated remotely by someone texting the commands - ready, aim ... oops!, I just ran over a mother and her little boy.
They should have been in a driverless car and this never would have happened.

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