The end of the world as we know it, Yetti I feel fine

The headline is a paraphrase from a song by the band R.E.M. (1987) and I’m using it here to illustrate how the insanity of 2020 may become permanently embedded in culture worldwide, not just because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but mainly because of the different ways Earth’s 7.2 billion people reacted to it and how changing social dynamics influence politics, health, sports and “patriotism” so much so Americans begin denying America itself just as Peter denied Christ. 
Let’s digress for a moment and honor a man who might be the dumbest human ever or, I would hope, incredibly clever. 
“Aleksei A. Navalny, the Russian opposition politician, is going to serve his prison sentence in a penal colony notorious for disciplinary measures considered harsh even by Russian standards,” according to one website.
Now listen up, this man was totally free and getting treatment in the West after being nearly killed by Vlad (the Poisoner) Putin when he was in Russia because he and the Big “P” didn’t and don’t see potato eye to potato eye.
Did he have enough sense to stay free? Oh no, he goes back to his homeland and Vlad throws his dumb butt back into prison. Exactly what did Navalny expect, the red carpet treatment? Does Yetti poop in the woods? Can a zebra change its stripes?
Ok, I’ll try to be nice and argue the better, more optimistic point. Maybe Navalny is a genius only acting stupid (like Paris Hilton just revealed). Navalny might be thinking that his imprisonment in the Gulag Archipelago* might bring the world’s attention to the not-so-nice Putin, but my dear comrades, the world has known Putin’s penchant for cruelty for decades now. After all, he was a KGB agent in East Germany. Can you say walls and barbed wire? Cold War intrigue and an extension of Russia’s own deliberate silencing of dissent.
I think Navalny is praying for the Russian people to rise up and have another revolution, but Putin’s opinion ratings are high – or else. Get it Aleksei?
I don’t think all your FaceBook likes will be coming to your rescue anytime soon.
Now, back to the bright outlook for 2021 for the rest of us not named Navalny. Picture this, restaurants, bowling alleys, movie theaters and event centers – all open and operating at full steam.
Donald Trump, the former twice-impeached, but never egged, President of these United States, will make millions selling his appearance for huge fees all over the world.
He’ll attract massive crowds and the entire year will be pepper (sprayed) with far left and far right hooliganism causing cities to burn and cops to shoot and lives to be lost.
Not to mention all the national guards from a dozen states coming to the “rescue.”
For whatever reason I don’t see Trump being renominated to run as a GOP nominee in 2024.
I see a possible third party being formed, which will split the Republican vote and allow Kamala Harris to win as “Lunch-pail Joe” won’t run again. Harris will basically become the almost-incumbent candidate.
Here’s what I think about “Lunch Pail Joe.” He spent eight years with Barrack Obama because he was Biden his time. Now that he’s in office, he’ll hand it over to the left wing and happily retire at the end of his term.
This is another reason mid-term elections are so important. Control of both houses of Congress are vital to the survival of any semblance of Conservative thought and action on a federal level.
It won’t take too much to have all the ignorance in America become one giant glob of stupid … “We the Sheeple” will be the norm if all the believers in socialist/communist ideology and actions get together and take over the once economically, militarily and righteous mighty American experiment in democracy.
The experiment, the end of the world as we know it, will expire. The reason I still feel fine? I know we will learn from our future mistakes and reason will prevail once the left wing proves its ineptness at running this country.
Ironically, the right wing has always been less tolerant of dissent than conservatives. That’s why they protest at colleges when a conservative speaker is selected to actually speak.
Another irony, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, he of the beard, the long suffering and the life he ended in Vermont. This guy was made famous because he wrote about and warned the world about what We the Sheeple look like – the U.S.S.R. back in the 30s – 80s and Russia since then and currently. Here we have a former slave of communism telling the world to beware. It is up to us to hear that warning and act accordingly. Be sure to vote in 2022 for the Republican of your choice.
If you don’t, expect an American gulag to be created – but instead of prison camps, it will be a gulag of conservative islands in a vast sea of liberal waste.
The United States will become so polarized that interstate travel, transportation links, computer communications, voting rights, food supplies, taxes and many other things we take for granted now, good or bad, will only exist in various pockets of states. Washington is currently in the left one.
(BTW – If Dr. Seuss is a racist, so is an Oreo cookie).
*The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a Russian novelist and political prisoner. 
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