Give 1 dog a bone ….

It has been said that if you give one dog a bone, you end up feeding the whole kennel. Arf! Arf! to that.
Where in the blue blazes am I going with this? I am aiming at the Heart of Darkness and we aren't talking Joseph Conrad either. The heart of darkness in this story is one of selfishness.
If, God forbid, President Donald Trump should not be re-elected, I would prefer Joe Biden any day of the week over Bernie Sanders.
Biden lost a Marine Corps veteran son to brain cancer. Biden co-ran the country for eight years. Biden was a United States senator from Delaware for 36 years and before that a county commissioner.
If I can't have Trump, I'd gladly settle for Biden, but we must look down ballot to ensure conservatives get elected to keep Washington, D.C. in check vis a vis overtly and covertly liberal policies being enacted. To me and many fellow "compassionate conservatives", it isn't a matter of not wanting to help certain groups, but how to help them and pay the bills associated with that help, that is the question.
Do I want homelessness, hunger, bad living conditions and unemployment to continue? No one does silly rabbit. No one is actually "for" anything negative and if they are it would never be admitted publicly.
We have already learned some important lessons in running a democracy and that is always a good thing. Despite his wealth, Mike Bloomberg couldn't buy his way to victory.
Despite her midwestern appeal, Amy Klobuchar couldn't do it. Neither could fresh-faced Beto O'Rourke or openly Gay Mayor Pete. If Biden wins I wouldn't like it, but I would always support "my" president whomever that is.
Now if I were Biden, after enjoying the Gatorades shower of the so-called Super Tuesday, I would soon be selecting a woman as his running mate.
If he wants to go "bi-coastal" he could select Kamala Harris. That would help capture Blacks, Californians and Women all in one shot, plus some liberals who are left of Lunch Pail Joe. His obvious problem with that choice is that the entire country between California and Delaware would not be represented on that ticket and that he would probably win California anyway without Harris on the ticket.
He could select the aforementioned Midwesterner Klobuchar. That might be a nice dovetail fit as both can claim moderate policies. Biden might elect to go for youth and select O'rourke and that might guarantee a Texas victory and also drag some of the Hispanic vote.
I already have the ultimate answer for "Sleepy" Joe. A Black female midwesterner named Oprah Winfrey. America elected a television personality named Trump in 2016, why not another TV star named Winfrey as VP?
With a Biden-Winfrey ticket, he would get more midwestern votes and still get liberal wingers, Blacks and Women as well as someone personally wealthy enough to give every member of her studio audience a free car a few years back.
At least Winfrey didn't ask or demand that the American taxpayers pay for those cars.
As a note of caution, my headline comes back into focus: Give a dog a bone (or anyone a free car) and pretty soon you will be feeding the whole kennel. The problem with filthy rich folks with liberal policies is simple, no one that has ever lived in the history of the world, including all the kings and queens and corrupt generals and Saudi Royals, could afford to buy all Americans anything of value, let alone a car or a free education or free medical care forever.
Therefore, as usual, if the left wing of the Democrat Party wins the 2020 presidential election, we can be sure of a recession or absolute crash of the economy because all of us will be paying for the extreme socialistic policies of the left --- just as we are doing in Washington state.
I am saddened by divisive politics, but who in Olympia cares what I think anyway? Signed, A Blue State Whiner.


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