It’s the principle of ‘the thing’ and the best deal for taxpayers

It’s the principle of ‘the thing’ and the best deal for taxpayers
Sometimes clichés are spot on, dead to right and hammered on the nail. There is a reason for clichés and I think it dates back to caveman days and the very survival of the species.
Imagine a leopard is getting dangerously close to a troupe of monkeys and then one of them sees this leopard, but there is no fast, immediate way to warn the others if the observer had to explain himself in monkey-talk. So he screams “spots!” “spots!” “spots!”
Here we are in 2021 and I am screaming “Spots!” “Spots!” “Spots!”.
The leopard has arrived in Olympia and is famished. I now invoke the old cliché and yell “Spots!” again. When Democrats are in charge they will raise taxes.
Representative Dan Newhouse and the entire Republican caucus in Olympia is against this “hidden out in the open” attempt to bust the state constitution by imposing an income tax.
Many Republicans and staunch Conservatives, elected or not, have been warning Washingtonians for years and now it has come to pass. In Newhouse’s own words (Bold Type is his): “(Last week) I joined the Washington State House Finance Committee to testify in opposition to ESSB 5096, a bill that would impose a new 7% tax on capital gains.
This bill would not only recklessly stifle our state’s economic development but is unconstitutional. According to the IRS, a tax on capital gains is considered an income tax - which cannot be taxed at a rate higher than 1% according to the Washington State Constitution.
Enacting this new capital gains tax will open the door to an income tax on all Washingtonians and eliminate one of our state’s most competitive advantages offered to entrepreneurs and small business owners. I firmly oppose this measure and encourage our state representatives to vote NO.”
Maybe now the loyal rank and file Democrats will break ranks at least a little and realize that they are indeed, part of the problem slowing economic growth in this state and in the nation itself.
The old cliché is that leopard ain’t changing its spots. Now Republicans must make sure the 2021-2024 election races drive the point home: Elect a Dem and destroy a job.
We already pay sales tax, property tax and federal taxes, why must this be happening especially when we are working with a surplus of budget money. Especially since liberal Democrats (and others) got what they wanted in the legalization of marijuana enriching the state coffers by millions.
Why must the hard working and the passive income and the mixed income taxpayers have to keep paying more and more for having the nerve to reach a modicum of success in their financial lives?
Sometimes yelling “Spots!” just isn’t enough to rock the status quo in Olympia. Sometimes the people must picket peacefully and make darn sure they tell their elected leaders and neighbors that they are against a capital gains tax and will be voting against those who favor it.
This bill is an abomination and must be stopped. If the GOP ever regains the House and Senate in Olympia, repealing this insult must be priority number one.
Many state taxpayers already face over-regulation if they are business owners and millions of Washingtonians have suffered financially under Governor Inslee’s tyrannical COVID-19 closings for unknown reasons.
Both business owners, their employees and entire families and communities have been run to ruins by unnecessary restrictions.
I urge all readers to call, email, and vote against this dubious “hidden out in the open income tax” measure immediately.


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