Is Jay Inslee the Governor of Seattle?

The Radical Left Has Always Been Violent. When thinking about and discussing the Seattle situation in an honest way, we are not talking about Mahatma Ghandi or Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Our situation is more akin to the Black Panthers, SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) and the Weatherman, all violent underground movements of the 1960s in response to the Vietnam War.
When watching the Seattle situation on nationwide television, what I see equates to anarchy. Yet, we have a governor paralyzed with fear at offending the radical left by calling in the state National Guard to take back the city center.
It is, after all, an election year and Jay Inslee needs the left moderate, left and far left votes, to defeat any Conservative challenge from rural Republican country, meaning most Washingtonians in rural and small towns. 
The radical left wing of today acts exactly like the old fascists of Nazi Germany and Italy that weren’t afraid to throw a few Molotov Cocktails into the established order. In fact, anything that would gum up the works of the status quo was a good thing, in the minds of fascists.
Here is the oxymoron. The loosely affiliated group calling itself “AntiFa,” meaning “anti-fascist” is acting no better than Hitler and Mussolini. Throw in some good ol’ Joe Stalin and a sprinkling of Mao Tse Tung and you’ve got one heckuva coalition of evil. 
The Communists were just as violent as the fascists when it came time to take over the farm, so to speak. They weren’t against burning the barn full of hay in order to try growing a new batch collectively, thus starving the same citizens they were there to allegedly “save” from the ruthless capitalist pigs, otherwise known as the business community.
I ask all Democrats to honestly assess the ethics of allowing anarchists to literally control a part of the state’s biggest city without the governor exerting reason and force, if needs be, to retake the city for the good of the taxpayers and honest citizens.
Is this the man we want to stay in power and do nothing to control the criminals who are blatantly trespassing, vandalizing and otherwise thumbing their noses at society?
Is Jay Inslee enough of a leader to put down civil unrest? I am 100% sure any of the Republican candidates running for governor would have acted when the takeover started two weeks ago. Maybe the Republican Party of Washington needs to assert the right of their constituencies in the business, religious, military and conservative communities to have a free and open Seattle where commerce isn’t interrupted by hoodlums, political thuggery or provocateurs out to get whatever they can in money and power?
The far left wants a say in daily life so badly they are willing to break the law to get some kind of legitimacy they can’t seem to get at the ballot box. Someone on the far left smells a chance to make Washington the first officially Communist state. The Constitution is not law to them, thus they are “outlaws” and apparently, proud of it. We, the people, are loyal to peaceful change of the government, or peaceful continuation of the current government, whichever we decide in November. We, the people, believe in upholding the Constitution against foreign and domestic terrorists.
Once again, President Trump is correct, AntiFa is a terrorist group and needs to be ridded from occupying the streets of Seattle.
Representative Matt Shea (R-Spokane Valley) is right when he calls for a “51st State.”
Adopting Shea’s manifesto and establishing the 51st state of Liberty, means (sarcastically) that Inslee could not be our governor too, just as he is acting as not Seattle’s governor now. Shea wants a state referendum to establish our right to freedom in the establishment of a new government as opposed to being continuously held hostage by the current one. The opportunists on the left must be quelled and placed in express trains back to Berkeley. They can have their far left state of Northern California, whatever it takes, just stop physically choking our collective freedom for the sake of a fantasy based in some socialist professor’s mind.
It is indeed, “give us Liberty or give us death.”
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