Time to gather together and fight … but not each other

It matters not how you voted on Nov. 3, what matters is the future well being of our country. It is time to gather our diverse population together and fight to ensure future freedoms, economic prosperity and yes, world peace.
Sounds corny, but world peace means economic stability which translates into American wealth without sacrificing American lives. Coronavirus will hinder any solutions throughout the world.
The issues of immigration, racial injustice, poverty, international trade, affordable housing among others are all going to be mitigated by prudent actions, including the enforcement of existing laws. Mitigated, but never removed completely.
There will always be a small percentage among us who are want to prey upon the weaker citizens. Those less aware of their surroundings are often victims to these evil parasites. Evil, through lawful actions, can be excised from our culture with precision surgery, not through carpet bombing of entire demographics.
Trump voters, Biden voters and those in between can now focus on connecting the extremes towards the middle where compromise can occur.
Some advise caution against “giving away the farm” to those who do nothing but mooch off of the hard work and tax dollars of others. Other citizens think it makes sense to coddle the weakest among us as Jesus would command.
Without getting overly religious or sacrilegious, our society is constitutionally bound to not allow one belief to hold sway over all others, but that is not the case for ideology.
Some say President Trump did not truly represent the Republican Party and that is partly why he lost. A “cult of personality” is how Trumpism is described. The man who spent his life living large, donating to both political parties, declaring bankruptcy and golfing, will be relieved of duty in January of 2021.
In my opinion, Trump’s moving of the American embassy to Jerusalem is one of the most significant acts in recent diplomatic history. Others may not like his choices for the SCOTUS. 
President-elect Joe Biden must take charge and fight against the continuing pandemic and all the other issues mentioned above, but without Republican collaboration, our group suffering will keep on keeping on.
Republicans ought to give Biden the respect he deserves for the next four years as members of the “loyal opposition,” as they would say in Great Britain.
Rioting, militias, rage in the media, none of these will mend fences. There are solutions to improved immigration policies, affordable housing and racial parity, but it will take hard work to erase previous prejudices, whether real or imagined.
I don’t like giving away free college education because I think if we all had college degrees it would cheapen all of them, but I do believe no Americans should suffer homelessness, hunger or undue bias when medical care is needed.
However, the woof and warp of our society requires a quid pro quo from those who comprise the fabric of this – the greatest country that ever existed.
Flotsam and jetsam will always exist and efforts must be made to clean the swamp of same. A team effort is required, nothing less will get the job done. All Americans kettles must stop calling all American pots black.
We’re all percolating on the same burner and will all boil over into revolution against one another, i.e., civil war, unless we learn to meet other opinions half way.


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