Morris/Dowell/Greenaway/Peterson clan reunite for a reunion

Left to right, standing in back: Katie and Lorraine Morris, Ronda Sue Henne, Ted and Parker Morris, Janet Greenaway, Robert and Liberty Hannon, Larry Washburn, Frank and Kathy Kennedy, Roberta and Chris Peterson, Barbara Peterson, Michael Peterson, Melbourne Peterson, Samuel and Tralee Randolph, DD and Terry Dowell, Janis Woodall, Keith and Helen Thrapp, Suvannee Vidhyapum and Hal Morris, Sherrie Ebenal. Seated: Clara Sterley, Calvin Greenaway, Sid Casey and Pam Ferguson.(kneeling beside). Mary and Laurel Ebenal also kneeling with ‘Tonka’, their dog. Seated on the ground in front: Malaky, Cinthia and Kolton Woodall, Brenna Hannon and Aiden Learn.

ORONDO - Coming from as far away as Oklahoma, California and from across the state of Washington  and Idaho, the Morris/Dowell/Greenaway/Peterson clan reunited for a reunion last Saturday (July 28) at Lincoln Rock State Park.  

Braving the 90 plus degree heat and long drives, the group renewed their family ties and happily welcomed a long lost branch back into the family. Melbourne and Barbara Peterson and Michael, Roberta and their son, Chris Peterson attended the reunion for the first time to the joy of the organizer of the reunion.  

Some of the family brought photo albums and pictures and everyone enjoyed trying to spot their ancestors amidst all of the photos. After a delicious potluck lunch, the group posed for the above photo.  

Lots of reminiscing and childhood stories of falling out of trees and blowing up firewood logs were told. The children played the Humpty Dumpty Egg Race and collected their prizes while the adults browsed through the photos or chatted with their relatives.  Calvin Greenaway brought fantastic little origami creatures and boxes for everyone to choose from and then take home.  

Everyone had a great time and we were all grateful for the cool breezes that swept through the shelter up from the Columbia River.  

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