Fall recreation on National Forest in Okanogan County

Hunters, woodcutters and other forest recreationists recognize the changing colors and cool crisp mornings as signaling the arrival of fall, a popular time to visit your National Forest Lands.

Most of the road closures associated with the summer's fires have been lifted.

Effective Monday, the only closures remaining in place from the Carlton Complex will be in Finley Canyon (Rd 300 and 370).

The newly reopened 4100 road, like many Forest roads, is only suitable for high clearance vehicles, not passenger cars.

A little early preparation can go a long way toward ensuring trips to the National Forest are enjoyable.

Establishing a travel route that avoids seasonal or other closures, sharing your itinerary with others, packing a little extra food, planning for weather changes and bringing along a saw or ax are all good ideas.

Gathering firewood is a popular fall activity. Woodcutters are reminded to purchase firewood permits and to follow the direction presented in the Firewood guide.

Cutting green trees for firewood is not permitted. Before cutting what appears to be a dead larch, look to see if the needles on the larch are golden yellow or have recently fallen. If so, it is likely a live larch. Beginning Nov. 1 of each season, cutting larch for firewood is prohibited on the Methow Valley Ranger District.

For additional information about fall recreation on National Forest Lands in Okanogan County, please contact the forest offices in Tonasket, Okanogan or Winthrop or visit us online at www.fs.usda.gov/goto/okawen.

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