Athletic directors weigh in on fall sports spectators

QUAD CITIES – Last week Chelan County school districts announced that for at least the first two weeks of the fall sports season (Feb. 22-March 7) no spectators will not be permitted to attend high school athletic events due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
“This decision will provide time to evaluate the effectiveness of physical distancing and safety protocol changes developed to allow a safe return to sports first and foremost for the students playing in our school athletic programs,” said a district media release. “Separate decisions will be made as we continue to monitor local health data, health mitigation strategies and other factors.”
The Quad polled athletic directors at Brewster, Pateros, Bridgeport, and Mansfield so see where their athletic programs are at this writing with regard to spectators at athletic events.
Brewster A.D. Greg Austin: “We are still in discussion about what it will look like bringing back spectators.  Here at Brewster we will have limited number of fans at our home game.  No visitor fans will be allowed.
Pateros A.D. Marcus Stennes: “We are in a unique situation right now because our school has been shut down and moved to remote learning the next two weeks. We are unable to have practices or use facilities at this time so we have to reschedule our planned games for next week. We plan on allowing spectators in for our sports as of right now but we do not have any home events for a while so it would be past the two weeks.”
Bridgeport A.D. Scott Darwood: “Bridgeport will not be allowing any spectators for home or away events for both high school and middle school sports. We are setting up to be live streaming free to the Bridgeport community for all home and away events through VNN Sports.”
Mansfield A.D. Mitchell Darlington: “Our fan situation for Douglas county schools is still in the works. I will get back to you when we are ready to release our official plan.”


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