Bridgeport spring sports teams take the field

Baseball cancelled

Courtesy Brad Skiff, Bridgeport School District The 2021 Bridgeport varsity track team members include, front row, from left, Rosa Hernandez, Christina Lopez, Linda Meza, Keyshia Nova Gonzalez, and Lizbeth Rivera. Second row: Jennifer Farias, Josie Rios, Cecilia Avila, Angelica Hernandez, Jollette Prestegui, Lesly Valdovinos, and Myrka Trejo (manager). Third row: Miriam Jimenez, Joanna Prestegui, Karla Torres, Monica Trejo, and Verania Velazquez. Fourth row: Israel Lopez, Edgar Lopez-Casillas, Drake Morris, Brandon Garcia V., Brandon I. Garcia, Luis Silva, Christopher Newman, and Martiza Bravo. Fifth row: Alexander Parbol, Alex Perea, Jesus Torres, Luis Velasco, Nicholas Covarrubias-Flores, and Christopher Hernandez.

The 2021 Bridgeport boys’ soccer team includes, front row, from left: Ismael Rivera, Yair Diaz, Tony Flores, Brandon Valdovinos, and Sergio Tello. Second row: Jesus Valdovinos, Adolfo Orozco, Bryan Gildo-Aguilar, Cristian Lopez, Rodimero Espino, and Marco Rodriguez. Third row: Moises Torres, Danial Ibarra, Paul Torrez Martinez, and Jose Plascencia.

Bridgeport Softball Team The 2021 Bridgeport softball team features, front row, from left: Evelyn Lopez, Angie Valdovinos, Myrka G. Ibarra, Bianca Torres-Lopez, and Jaqueline Lombera. Back row: Luz Herrera, Carmen Quesada, and Emma Oswald.
BRIDGEPORT -- The Mustangs and Fillies varsity spring sports teams are competing in several groups for this unconventional COVID-adjusted season. They include boys’ soccer, track and field, and softball.
Athletic director Scott Darwood issued an advisory on April 15 that the remainder of the Mustang’s varsity baseball season has been cancelled due to a lack of players.
Sports coaches for this year’s roster of Bridgeport sports teams were announced last week by athletic director Scott Darwood. See story on this sports page for more details.

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