Miller-Smith, Gebbers, Jarrell pass 1,000 career points in 2019-20 basketball season

Three join elite club

Aleeka Miller-Smith (holding basketball) poses with teammates and head coach Jared Henton, left, and assistant coach Tom Asmussen, right, after scoring her 1,000th career point. Courtesy Pateros High School

Cade Gebbers earned WIAA/Wendy’s Athlete of the Week honors for his game-high 34 points in the state championship win over Life Christian Academy. Gebbers scored his 1,000th career point during the game. Courtesy Brewster Sports Facebook

Brewster head coach Michael Taylor, right, presents an honorary ball to senior Corey Jarrell in recognition of his 1,000th career point scored during the 2019-20 season. Courtesy Brewster Sports Facebook

BREWSTER – During the 2019-2020 basketball season three Quad City high school players, two from Brewster and one from Pateros, joined the rarified ranks of sharpshooters who have scored 1,000 or more points during their high school careers.

Senior Corey Jarrell and junior Cade Gebbers, both of Brewster, and junior Aleeka Miller-Smith of Pateros passed the magic 1,000-point barrier.

Jarrell cleared the mark late in the season in a game against Tonasket, said coach Michael Taylor.

Gebbers punctuated his game-high 34-point performance in Brewster’s state championship game against Life Christian Academy to score his 1,000 career point. Gebbers averaged 20.7 points per game in 2019-20 and earned 2B Player of the Year honors.

Miller-Smith scored 305 points as a freshman, 361 as a sophomore, and 381 in her junior year, hitting the 1,000-point milestone early in 2020 in a game against Riverside Christian.

After the game in the locker room my coach (Jared Henton) announced it to the team, we celebrated and the game ball was given to me as well as a poster,” said Miller-Smith. “My teammates celebrated with me and signed both.”

Over the years since 1977 the Brewster Bears have earned an impressive list of 1,000-point players. Former boys basketball head coach Tim Taylor compiled a roster of both boys and girls standouts. In order of point totals, they include:

Boys 1,000 Points

2004 David Pendergraft 2,311

1977 Dale Smith 2,302

1985 Mike Boesel 2,021

1999 Johnny Gebbers 1,906

2006 Michael Taylor 1,683

1977 Roger Boesel 1,596

2014 Easton Driessen 1,572

1989 Bryan Boesel 1,500

2016 Josh Hammons 1,371

2016 Timbo Taylor 1,325

2019 Joe Taylor 1,274

2011 Stockton Taylor 1,258

1992 Jerrod Riggan 1.139

1980 Eric Driessen 1,132

2009 Wade Gebbers 1,123

2017 Edgar Najera 1,086

2005 Hawkins Gebbers 1,077

2020 Corey Jarrell 1,088

2010 Eli Driessen 1,065

2020 Cade Gebbers 1,000+

Girls 1,000 Points

2003 Jeni Boesel 2,728

2007 Kayla Evans 2,164

2014 Chandler Smith 2,149

2013 Becky Mae Taylor 1,420

1991 Jennifer Riggan 1,420

1984 Pam Tradeup 1,272

2005 Kaylan Crane 1,252

2003 Rachel Crane 1,230

1990 Kristy Brown 1,076


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