Do you know where that $20 goes?

Bridgeport residents - when you renew the tabs on your license plates and you pay that extra $20 to the state DOL, do you know what happens to that extra $20?  
In 2016, the city council of Bridgeport, under the authority of section 36.73 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) started that program when they created the Bridgeport Transportation Benefit District (BTBD).  The state DOL, on a monthly basis, sends all that money back to the city council.  Since the creation of the BTBD, the city council has received more than $170,000 from the state DOL.  That money is supposed to be used to repair city streets and for other transportation related issues in the city.  
When they created the BTBD, the city council also, in accordance with citation 36.73 of the RCW,  assumed responsibility for producing and publishing an annual report of their activities.  This report is supposed to advise (1) how much money the city council received from the DOL (2) how much the city council spent on projects (3) how much money is left in the bank to pay for future projects and (4) what the future projects are.  
Have you ever seen one of these annual reports?  These reports are required by state law.  
The BTBD President, himself a member of the city council, Matthew Schuh as well as council members Mike Bjornstad, Jacqueline Hentges, Esiquio (Zeke) Martinez and Sergio Orozco are breaking the law.  It is a documented matter of record that the reports have never...never... been done.  
I have checked 21 other cities in the state who have this same program and discovered that Bridgeport is the only city that has failed to follow the law. The only one.
 I think it’s past time to ask…..what is the council trying to hide?  What purpose is served by not producing these reports?  Who benefits if these reports are not produced?  Do you really want to re-elect a council member who violates state law?  Look up the reference yourself in the RCW - 36.73.160(2)!!  That citation says that reports done.  Not may be done or might be done or done if there is time. Shall.  Contact me to sign the petition I am circulating which demands accountability.  
Contact your city council members and accounting of what has and has not been done and demand to know why the reports have never been produced.

Michael Knox

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