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We “The People” are facing a real threat of losing our country. A look at any of the policies instituted by President Biden since his inauguration will tell us that he is not capable of leading this once great country. Illegal immigration is rampant; thousands of illegals cross our southern border each day. Race relations are at an all-time low, Biden and his staff continue to talk falsely of perceived systemic racial attitudes among Americans. This only forces our people further apart. Our law enforcement officers are under constant attack while trying to do their jobs and the real trouble makers go unpunished. Patriots, those who really love our country, are being questioned as to whether they are internal domestic trouble makers rather than the good citizens they really are. Foreign policy has become a series of verbal blunders which allow our enemies to question how tough America is and encourage Russia, China, et al, to test our meddle by demonstrating military strength in hot spots around the world. Of course all these problems are known only to those of us who are interested enough to critically look at what is really going on in the USA. That may be about one half of our population. What’s up with the other half?


I’ll divide this group in half as well. Some of you, with big Ds behind your names, put your ideology ahead of your country. I believe you are lost and are without hope of ever being convinced that truths do not come out of the mouths of Democrat leaders. I hope that this is not true for the other half who also call themselves Democrats. Surely, many of you are able to see how misleading Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the rest of your party leaders really are. They do not have the good of our country at heart but are merely interested in their grab for power and pushing their misguided policies forward. They talk a good game of believing in our Constitution, but then ignore even the most basic principles which our founding documents establish. We are a divided country!


Some Americans are working to expose the dirty-dealing Democrats and their cohorts, the liberal press.

It is working to some degree, but we need more than the few million people already aboard. We need the other half to become more knowledgeable about how we are being lied to each and every day. We need more Americans to turn off those TV and radio stations who are in-bed with Uncle Joe. We need more Americans to fold up those newspapers who are not giving us real news. Finally, we all need to support patriotic organizations who are trying to “Make America Great Again”. Hillsdale College has many free courses available on-line which tell the American Story truthfully, Prager U produces TV ads which counter the untrue picture presented by ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and PBS. There are others, who are working to make America better. We have a great country which deserves better leadership than we have. Americans, get smart!!!


Wallace Aunan,



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