I can handle it

Just tell me the truth. Our country’s voting system is a MESS. I had no idea it was so filled with corruption. As citizens, we deserve to have confidence in our voting process, to know that every legal vote will be counted, and that no amount of money or political party can illegally influence our elections.

And why aren’t all the parties jumping on board to make sure our voting system is simple, clear and easy to validate? If there’s nothing to hide, no amount of scrutiny should be a problem. This isn’t a Republican or Democrat or Libertarian or Independent issue. This is a national security issue.

If we can’t trust our voting system, we have no republic. So I am all for digging deep into the voting systems in each state to make sure they are only counting legal votes, and that no political party can disenfranchise any other party from observing the vote count, or manipulate the voting system, or count votes after the voting deadlines.

So go for it—dig deep—expose the truth. I can handle it.

And by the way, no one should be claiming victory at this point in the election. Each state has to officially validate their election results, and then the electors for each state (via the electoral college) vote appropriately. We are a long way from that happening. So cool your jets—let’s see how all this plays out.


Chrystal Perrow,



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