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Map Your Neighborhood is a great program

Last week I attended a Map Your Neighborhood leader training in Pateros, conducted by Program director Jessica Rounds. I walked away feeling much better equipped to work with my neighbors to prepare for and respond to a disaster—fire, earthquake, etc. We learned how to prep our own home and family, help our neighbors do the same, set up a communication system and a safe place to go.  It’s a well established, proven, do-it-yourselves system that is used all around the country. Thanks to Jessica and the Resource Center for bringing it locally.

I strongly encourage everyone to take time to attend—or even host—the free training. Pick your neighborhood leader, attend, and then organize yourselves. The training is sensible, straightforward and critical to responding in a natural disaster. It’s available in English and in Spanish.

Disasters are often unannounced. Map Your Neighborhood means you’re ready to respond at any time. Jessica can be reached at (509) 846-5101 or jessicaocdcm@gmail.com

Just do it,
Grace Larsen

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