Letter to the Editor

Help ban the sale of animal-test cosmetics in the U.S.

Dear Editor,

As a frequent shopper of cosmetics, it is important to me that all the products I buy are cruelty-free. The Humane Cosmetics Act (HCA) (H.R. 6207/S. 3357), legislation that will ban the manufacture and sale of animal-tested cosmetics in the United States, will ensure that I never have to worry about the cosmetic products I want to purchase.

Right now, there is an opportunity for the language of the HCA to be included in the FDA Safety and Landmark Advancements (FDASLA) Act. The FDASLA Act would provide greater FDA oversight of cosmetics in the United States. We must ensure that HCA language is included in the FDASLA Act so that animals cannot be used to test cosmetics in the U.S. There are thousands of safe ingredients already available to replace cruel animal tests, so it is completely unnecessary for animals to suffer to make cosmetics such as lipstick and shampoo.

Passing this legislation will not only end this suffering but will also align our nation with the 41 countries and eight U.S. states that have already passed similar legislation. If you are like me and want to know your cosmetics are cruelty-free no matter where you buy them in the U.S., please contact U.S. Senator Patty Murray and urge her to support including the language of the HCA in the FDASLA Act.

Thank you.

Peri Gallucci,



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