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Diamond has the qualifications, experience

Having Dr. Ann Diamond as a candidate on our November Election Ballot is an opportunity to place a non-partisan official in our State Government.  Dr. Diamond has the qualifications and experience to help steer the process in Olympia.  As a doctor, she has insight on how to cut medical and insurance costs, and knows from experience the challenges that small businesses face every day.

Dr. Diamond has positive energy and is a person that listens to both sides of issues.  She is articulate and truly focused on representing District 12.  She is the ideal candidate to elect as our State Representative for District 12.

Dan and Kim Webster

Hawley has high personal and professional ethics

I would like to express my support for the next Sheriff of Okanogan County.  This is a very important position requiring someone who can represent both the Sheriff’s Office and the County in a positive and professional manner day to day and during major events. In addition they must provide management, leadership, direction and be well rounded.  Humble enough to reach out and ask for assistance and strong enough to make a hard decision under stressful or critical times.

The candidate who fills this role the best is Tony Hawley without question.

Working with Tony Hawley for 20 plus years, I have witnessed his leadership, professionalism, work ethic, compassion for others and ability to make decisions under stressful incidents.  Tony meets challenges with a “can do” attitude, works well with all agencies and partners to achieve success.  Tony is honest, trusting, has high personal and professional ethics and moral values.  Looking at Tony Hawley’s achievements and professional development he has shown a strong dedication to continued learning and self improvement.  These are the attributes required in a candidate to lead the Sheriff’s Department into the future.

Please join me in supporting Tony Hawley for Sheriff of Okanogan County!  Vote for Tony Hawley in November, he is the best person for the job.

Wayne Walker

Hawley greatly respected member of this county

As I sit here and put into words the reasons I support Tony Hawley for sheriff it becomes very clear there are so many. My husband and I started 16 years ago helping, supporting and campaigning for Frank Rogers, and again in 2010 when he faced challenger Dave Yarnell. We were proud to be involved and share that accomplishment of him serving the last 16 years. When he told us he would be announcing his retirement and after getting over that shock we immediately knew without a doubt we would put that passion of support behind Tony Hawley for our next sheriff.

Tony brings with him not only 23 years of service for the Sheriff’s office but also  4 years of service for our country as a Marine. He has worked in corrections, patrol, and currently is a Sergeant. He has specialized training that includes training new deputies, accident reconstruction, impaired driving recognition and safe school programs along with much more including a four year degree and a masters degree in organizational leadership.

With all that being said there is so much more to Tony. He is always the first deputy in and the last deputy out, always making sure his deputy’s are safe and doing their jobs and the public is safe. He cares about the people of this county on the job and off the job. He is a great father, friend, community supporter and is a school board member. He is approachable, caring and a greatly respected member of this county, all law enforcement agencies and Sheriff’s office. His passion he holds for all of these qualities is greater than I have ever seen. Tony does his job and does it well, with integrity and respect . He has great visions for the Sheriff’s office. He is aware of budget constraints being an issue but will work hard for this county on improving and making communities safe in all aspects of law enforcement.

Vote Tony Hawley as your next sheriff and be proud with us knowing the best was supported by you and is serving our county as Sheriff.

Kristi S. Walker

We need Dino Rossi

It causes me great concern when I see the TV commercials and hear the speeches of Dr. Kim Schrier as she campaigns for Congress. She wrongly maintains that it is the politicians that are keeping from getting things done.

This is the uninformed screed from a green, naive newcomer who has never been elected to anything of consequence. She has never worked on a legislative committee, never hammered out a compromise on a tax bill, and never represented everyday people in the 8th Congressional district. Or, anywhere else, for that matter.

In making such loose and inaccurate statements, Schrier shows how clueless this first-time candidate is about the political process. Schrier’s insistence on raising our income taxes, payroll taxes, and energy taxes by thousands of dollars per family demonstrates how ill-equipped she is to lead us in the right direction.

We cannot send someone like her to represent us when the economy is booming, taxes have been reduced and unfair tariffs are stripped away. There is simply too much to lose.

We do need Dino Rossi, a smart, experienced former legislator to keep the economy growing.

Terry J. LaBrue

Something wrong with the Democrat party

Not with all democrats, but with the leaders. Why are they so far left? I think it’s safe to say that they are all radicals and every thing they say must be carefully analyzed or we will all be fooled. It’s clear we are being fooled by people who have been voted out of leadership positions and can’t stand it. They can’t believe that they were beaten by a stupid, dumb, New York businessman that knows nothing about running a nation. They can’t accept the fact that Trump is eliminating liberal policies put into effect through deception and trickery (Obama Care). They cannot believe he is beating them by getting rid of corrupt bureaucrats and others in leadership positions. Trump’s actions are stopping the leftward movement of things they love like bigger government, higher taxes, and liberal policies. Therefore, they believe he must be removed from power no matter how - by hook or by crook. Their illegal and corrupt attempt at overturning the 2016 Presidential election results are still ongoing. They manufactured the Russian collusion ruse by using the FBI and Department of Justice operatives to “investigate” Trump activities. After 18 months of searching, they have found nothing to hang on Trump, but they’re still trying. Fortunately, Congress uncovered their “slick” activities. Many of the culprits have been fired and others are being investigated for their possible crimes.

The Democrats have long used our judicial system to legislate policy items they can’t push through Congress. Roe vs Wade and gay marriage are prime examples. That’s why they are so adamant in their opposition to Judge Kavanaugh. They are losing control of the courts and that cannot be tolerated. Progressives will do anything, legally or illegally, to maintain power. If anything or anybody gets in their way, they will act to eliminate the opposition. Remember Bork and Thomas and now they have tried again with Kavanaugh.

President Trump has made great changes in his first two years. He has been the most effective president we have had in my lifetime (85 years). Tax reduction, improved economy, increased energy output, lower unemployment and higher wages are all improvements he has made, and he has just started. His optimistic approach has given us a feeling of great pride in America and has overturned the pessimistic feeling of the Obama years. We must avoid any chance of losing the gains made by Trump. To do this, all men and women who love our country, all who value our Constitution, all who believe that fairness to all is as important as our right to free speech, should understand that these things are under attack. Certainly, there are moderate democrats and independents among us who recognize that this threat is real and we must stop it. The ballot box is the answer. We must elect people who value our freedom and will put policies into effect that do just that.

Wallace Aunan

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