Same old problems, no new answers

I have lived in the Methow Valley since July 1979. Seems like we are rehashing the same tired arguments regarding water and land again. The DOE, etc. say we don’t have enough water to allow further development although the percentage of residential water use is less than 1% of the allowed 2 cfs amount. We don’t live above underground lakes, we live above underground streams and rivers. If you don’t use that water, it keeps right on going down to the rivers. Residences do not “use” water in that it somehow disappears if it comes through the plumbing in my house. Residential water goes into septic or sewer systems which recycle that water back into the underground streams/rivers. Residential doesn’t use surface water either, so nobody is slurping up water the fish need.
So why do we keep fighting with the state/federal/county organizations over uses that are less than 1% of the allowed water for the Methow Valley? It is really getting very aggravating. Restricting  residential water use is being used to stop development, even when it makes no factual sense at all.
When the county commissioners stop me from being able to subdivide my land and put water on it because of their continuing ordinances, that makes my land impossible to sell and therefore worthless.  Are they going to give me a year’s relief from property taxes while they continue to study the non-problem? 
Chrystal Perrow, 


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