Wake up Zach

It has taken a while to answer your opinion because I needed to calm down. Your disrespect of the President shows through your article. You voted for Obama and Hillary?

President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement was necessary to save our tax dollars going to other countries who would dwindle it away while they burn our flag. I don’t want to pay taxes to send it to other countries. Under this agreement we were suppose to radically reduce our emissions while China and India (who are the worst poluters), were exempt for many years. In the meantime the United States would lose jobs and energy freedom. Explain to me how the Paris Agreement would help the US and save us from global warming.

By the way, besides believing all of the progressive hogwash, you have swallowed the global warming bull crap also. Be careful, Zach, about getting sucked into the idea that the Government can help save the planet. If you lok at the ones pushing this you will find a bunch of people who want nothing but to control energy. This is the only thing they haven’t gotten control of. This would ration energy use and cost the public more to use it.

What have you got against fossil fuels? They provide heat, transportation, clothing, plastics and just about everything you use. I am sending you a printout of all the ways that oil is used. You want to switch to “renewable energy.” Describe to me exactly what you consider renewable energy? The only ones that I can think of are dams, which progressives want to destroy. Solar and wind are helpful, but they don’t make clothing, plastics, asphalt roads, etc.

Oh my gosh, coal, oil and gas corporations have donated to Republicans. I bet they donate to both parties. The Democrats have way more money in their “coffers” than the Republican Party. The unions, government workers, Warren Buffit, George Soros, Microsoft, Google, GE , Hollywood and the media all contribute to the Democrat Party. You are right to “pay to play” favors the politicians in both parties. It is time to drain the swamp. Gee, who said that? Don’t get me started on the Clinton Foundation and the criminal implications.

Your authors note to high school students not to listen to their parents, but to the progressive teachers, scientists, and activists reminds me of the a teenager who thinks his parents don’t know anything. He is amazed in a few years to find out how much knowledge they have gained. You need to start having talks with your publisher, Bill Forhan. Maybe you will learn something. 

If more people start believing what you have been taught, then we will not have a country or freedom. God Help Us!

Ina Howe


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