What’s up within the Democrat Party?

I have to wonder what Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are thinking. What do we do with a President who, every day, loses more and more brain function? I know the Democrat leadership and the liberal press are trying to hide the facts. But, if you are interested at all, in how our President is functioning, you must see that he is failing. It is not a pleasant sight! And one we should all be concerned with. But, we must know that Chuck and Nancy are thinking about their future; can they continue to hide Biden’s failures? Why not? The media has allowed them to get away with it, so why change? If their actions the past decades tell us anything, they will continue the deception. Corruption has brought them into power and they intend to keep it, by any means possible.
If any one word defines the operation of the Democrat party, it is corruption. Corruption has been a part of our politics for years. I suppose it’s impossible to get rid of, but, since Bill and Hillary’s era, it has gotten worse. Obama’s tenure perfected it. Then Trump came along and tried to eliminate it by getting rid of the swamp. All of the elites in Washington DC fought his effort. Then, the Democrats ousted Trump by corrupting the electoral system. There’s that word again. There are so many examples, it’s hard to keep track. Here are a few more: the Democrats attempt to tie Trump to Russian collusion. Joe and Hunter Biden’s connection with Russia, China, and the Ukraine; more recently, the efforts by New York Governor Cuomo hiding data concerning Covid deaths in nursing homes. It has been reported that this happened in other Democrat run states. There is more but, too many to enumerate here.
America is a divided country. If you look at the total numbers of votes cast in 2020, it is almost equal, give-or-take a few million either way. Politically, one side believes in smaller government with the power belonging to the people and the other side favoring bigger government led by people who no longer believe in our Constitution, but change the rules to suit their current politics. Both sides have arguments, so it’s up us, the American people, to decide. Until a few years ago, we had an unbiased press who reported untainted news. Now, the press is so blatantly one-sided it’s hard to compete. But I know this, we are being lied to every day. Half of America knows the truth and the other half believes the liars. The guys in the white-hats must win this fight, if not, we will no longer be a Constitutional Republic. God bless the USA.
Wallace Aunan,

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