Lots of decisions, fun at the Christmas Shoppe

The little girl with red hair, about 7 years old or so, carefully chose presents in her first trip through the Christmas Shoppe. Something for her parents, her grandparents, her brothers and sisters - oops. She forgot her aunt and uncle and cousin, and had to come back a second time.

As she waited at the wrapping table the little girl sighed.

"Christmas gets harder every year," she said.

Some kids took their time making decisions, evaluating the teacup set against the little trinket box for Mom, the screwdriver set or the CD case for Dad; others (the majority of kids this year, according to the personal shoppers who accompanied each kid) knew just what they liked, what they wanted, and went right for it.

The personal shoppers were volunteers from Brewster High School and some of the organizers of the Christmas Shoppe, which opened its doors right after the Cops 'n Kids Christmas Party. All the gifts were $1, and there was something for everybody; from Mom and Dad to pesky little brothers and bossy big sisters to Grandpa and Grandms. There were also volunteers to wrap the gifts (or in this case pack everything in gift bags), just like the posh department stores.

The Christmas Shoppe is sponsored by the City of Brewster; volunteers, led by Desha Dawson, Becky Smith and Lee Webster, put out the merchandise and supervised the proceedings. The volunteer wrappers also included Donna Webster, Casey Anderson and Lynn Trovillo.

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