Mansfield Lions Club History

The Mansfield Lions Club started in 1987. This week the newspaper staff had the pleasure of talking to Gene Goll and Harry Beard about the Auction and the Mansfield Lions Club. Waterville had a strong Lions Club and gave us the idea to have our own. Waterville's Lions Club sponsored us in the beginng. The first money made was from a dinner that they put on. Many people in our community either have been a member or are now members of the Mansfield Lions Club. The club averages 20-25 members a year. Their first project was the fishing derby at Jameson Lake Resort. They also painted Main Street, made the school tennis court, sold Christmas trees, sold berries, hauled dirt and gravel, and held the annual Lions Club Auction. This year was the 31st annual Auction. At the auction they sold a lot of "Big Jim Burgers." The Lions Club has been together for 31 years. They bring in about $50,000 year. The auction so far has brought in about $2,000,000. All the money that is made goes towards the school, people, and community. They also give out scholarships. The money pays for hearing aids, eye glasses, Play Days, the museum, science camp, and school trips.

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