313 cases of virus in Chelan, Douglas counties, 33 in Okanogan county

EAST WENATCHEE - As of Monday, May 18 there are 182 positive cases, up from 152 positive cases of COVID19 in Chelan County on May 11, and 131 cases, up from 117 cases in Douglas County.  Chelan has 27 cases (no increase), Manson 8 (no increase), Chelan Falls 6 (was 4), Orondo 8 (up 3)  and East Wenatchee 108 (was 97). Chelan County has had six deaths, Douglas County three and Okanogan County two. Okanogan County has 39 cases, up 12.
 Statewide total confirmed cases are 18,433, up from 16,891 last week; with 1001 deaths, up from 931 last week. Total tested statewide is 285,243 up from 248,875 last week.
Social Distancing and wearing a mask is good, out of concern for preventing viral spread to others versus catching the virus from someone else. 


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