: Brewster council approves rate increase for Sunrise Disposal

BREWSTER – The Brewster City Council approved a 5.25 percent cost-of-living increase for its solid waste disposal contractor, Sunrise Disposal, Inc. at its regular monthly meeting last Thursday, June 16. Sunrise Disposal, could have requested more than an 8 percent increase but is trying to hold the line at 5.25.

“For years and years, they never asked for anything,” said Mayor Art Smyth. “We were sitting here wondering that they should be but they’re not.”

The increase will translate into about $1.22 a month per residence, city clerk/treasurer Misty Ruiz said.

“The one thing they want to keep on the table is if fuel prices continue to climb, they might have to implement the rest of that percentage,” said Ruiz.

In other business the city approved a resolution for its Revised Procurement Policy which included new provisions related to the federally required Build Back Better Act for  minority and women-owned businesses,

The city received an additional $2 million from the state Department of Ecology for its sewer treatment plant project in the form of 50 percent grant and 50 percent loan.

The great thing about this is that every project that we’re seeing now is coming in a lot higher than normal because of the cost of the product,” said Ruiz citing the airport project that just came in double, “so having those funds on hands for our current project is going to be helpful.”

Public Works Director Lee Webster said the Canyon Well No. 2 has been drilled, the testing pumping done, and the draft report from the hydro geologist said that well can sustain pumping of about 1,120 gallons per minute. The Canyon wellhouse project should begin next month.

The state has Brewster scheduled for a chipseal all of highway 173 next year. A grant application was submitted earlier this month for crosswalk, ADA, sidewalk from the school on the soccer field side from the school to about the pool.

The new playground border will be done by the end of the month with ADA tie-in to the gazebo over to the north playground.


DOE offers $2 million for sewer project

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