Brewster targets two park trees for carving project

These two London Plane trees in Columbia Cove Park have been selected as the first tree sculptures in the city of Brewster.

BREWSTER – The city took a step closer toward its first official tree sculpture project when it voted to authorize funds to address two diseased trees in Columbia Cove Park.
At its regular monthly meeting, August 9, Council voted to authorize $5,000 dollars for the pruning and possible sculpting of the two trees that will have to be removed or reworked.
The two target trees are London Planes, just east of the Columbia Cove restrooms on the west side of South Seventh Street.
Public Works Director Lee Webster said the two Sycamore-like broadleaf trees “all get what’s called anthracnose and they’ve got maybe year left on them.”
Webster said he has already conferred with the Brewster Chamber of Commerce and the prospective tree sculptor, Jacob Lucas, whose work is displayed from Bridgeport to Chelan.
The most visible project Lucas has done is the 20-plus trunks that line both sides of Foster Avenue from State Route 17 leading into downtown Bridgeport.
Webster told council that it will cost about $2,450 to prune the trees back to the height where they can be sculpted. Webster estimated the finished cost would come in at $8,000 to $10,000 dollars.
Council member Jan May said that the trees are an issue the city has to address and that turning them into sculptures would turn a problem into an enhancement. May and council member John Housden supported putting forward half the anticipated costs in hopes of getting a dollar-for-dollar match from other interests.

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