Commissioners discuss fairgrounds, RV park improvements

Spring flooding threat low

Editor’s note: The following meeting summary of the Board of Commissioners of Okanogan County (BOCC) for the last week of January, is provided by County Watch (

OKANOGAN -- Monday, Jan. 30, a.m.

  • Commissioners discussed aquatic projects in Forest Service cuts. Commissioner Branch pointed out that the best time to have such projects included is during scoping.
  • Fairgrounds Manager Naomie Peasley discussed moving ahead with the racehorse barns project, the newly installed floor of the Annex and how to develop plans for dealing with buildings damaged by the winter weather.
  • The bathroom in the RV park has been demolished and rebuilding will start soon.
  • Planning Director Pete Palmer reported that - following the previous Tuesday’s Tunk Valley rezone public meeting – her office is now addressing many public information requests for documents between the Planning Department, the BOCC and the Planning Commission.
  • Emergency Management Director Maurice Goodall advised the commissioners that the snowpack is approximately 100 percent of normal for this time of year and that the prospect for flooding is the spring is small.
  • Commissioner Hover reported on his recent conversation with the mayor of Conconully. The town is trying to build a new fire station/community center paid for with two grants and $400,000 in bonds. After they received the bids, they realized they will be $2 million short. The mayor was asking Commissioner Hover for help in obtaining money from the state legislature. The commissioners discussed the situation. Commissioner Hover said he personally might support using some of the $3 million the county is hoping to receive to buy new radios needed for emergency communication.
    Tuesday, Jan. 31, a.m. 
  • Lifeline staff discussed Emergency (Ambulance) Management Services (EMS) Districts challenges in Tonasket/Oroville and how to remedy them.
  • Discussed possibility of contracting public records requests due to workload volume. Human Resources will schedule a presentation with a vendor,
  •  Sexual harassment training scheduled.
  • Discussed court security with emphasis on the immediate situation and overview. Will meet with department heads.
  • The county engineer presented a public works update.
    Tuesday, Jan. 31, p.m.
  • Discussion on the Oroville Senior Center funding. Commissioner Hover suggested letting Aging and Adult Care request part of County Transportation and Nutrition allocation for this rather than see if the Center qualifies for emergency federal funds.
  • Agreement to spend $46,000 for the fairgrounds RV park bathroom partitions.
  • At Department Heads Quarterly Meeting:
    • Public Works is looking forward to construction of a new cell at the landfill and two new workshops across the river.
    • Planning reported a major zone code revision including cannabis operations, shorelines review. 
    • Tax statements will be out by Feb. 15.
    • Meeting to be held on courthouse security.
    • Sheriff is implementing new policies to improve jail security, hinted at an overhaul. Patrol officer candidates in short supply, Courthouse outfitted with security cameras. Commissioner Hover said funding for dispatch must wait because Conconully needs it more.
    • Noxious Weeds is reaching out to users to attend town hall meetings.
    • WSU extension reported Master Gardner Program success, need for 4H leaders. 
    •  Architect of master plan retiring but will still supervise shop projects.
  • Discussed possibility of hiring County Administrator to help manage projects, billing and legislative agenda, act as liaison between BOCC and departments and ensure continuity as board changes.



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