Culpepper & Merriweather Circus to revisit Brewster in 2022

Requests return performance

Courtesy C&M Circus A sell-out crowd waits under C&M’s big top for the first performance to begin during the 2019 Brewster tour

Culpepper & Merriweather Circus

BREWSTER – The Culpepper & Merriweather Circus knows a good venue when it sees one, and this city responded with one of a handful of sellout crowds when the show made its Brewster stop in June 2019. That’s why the circus contacted the Brewster Chamber of Commerce last month to request a return visit as C&M prepares its 2022 performance schedule.
The chamber board voted unanimously in favor and though an official date remains to be determined, the other obstacles that nearly prevented the 2019 visit from happening have been resolved this time around. The circus had visited Brewster prior to 2019 but four years had elapsed before C&M came back two years ago. Then, repeated failed attempts to find a suitable site to hold the show were rescued when The Armory owners Manny and Martin Hurtado offered their parking lot as a last-minute option. While the smaller-than-usual space required the circus to pare down some its accessorial attractions, including some of their rides, they made the site work.
Both city and circus were well rewarded for their efforts.
“The circus was a huge success for us,” said Mike Mauk. “The second show was sold out. They had people sitting on the floor in front of the arena.”
Brewster proved to be sell-out for the one-evening, two-performance show. Mauk was later told by circus officials that sell-outs of that scale only happen seven to 10 times a year out of more than 200 shows during the 32-week, 17-state tour the circus books.
“We have talked with The Armory owners to have it at their lot again,” said Mauk. “It is tight for the circus but they will make it work.”


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