Dangerous Woman hold weekend workshop in Pateros

That’s hold, not hold-up…

Dangerous Women who gathered at Pateros earlier this month include back row from left, Mandi Wickline, Terry Sloan, Susan Butruille, Marile Kunkel, Rhona Baron, and Holly Blue. Pictured front row from left, Julie Ann Edwards, Corky Broaddus, Bernadine Phillips, Stacy Coronado, Cyndy Miller, and Michele Matt. Courtesy Dangerous Women

PATEROS – A group of more than a dozen Dangerous Women – dangerous in a good way – gathered here earlier this month for a weekend workshop retreat to develop their 2022 project titled “Unsettled,” an educational, theatrical production that explores Central Washington history through the eyes of pioneer and indigenous women.
Dangerous Women (dangerous-women.org) is a collective of female artists and community visionaries based in Wenatchee Valley that attracts artists from around the state. This is the second time the group has chosen Pateros for a workshop retreat. The first was last summer when temperatures topped triple digits and the cool confluence of the Columbia and Methow rivers was a refreshing spot when local heat reached record book levels.
Gene Dowers, Executive Director of the Pateros-Brewster Community Resource Center said Dangerous Women chose Pateros a second time for several reasons.
“The women arrive here from as far north as Omak and as far south as Leavenworth,” said Dowers. “The group’s Creative Director, Rhona Baron, explained that we offer a great central location, with participants splitting their time between Howards where they lodge and our resource center space. Sweet River Bakery provides catering.”
“Unsettled, is a complex production,” said Baron who is also lead writer of narrative elements. “We are merging the histories, dreams, joys, and at times, crushing defeats of two groups of women within one landscape.”
The collective’s most ambitious show to date, Unsettled will be performed on Meadow Stage at the Icicle Creek Center for the Arts in Leavenworth on May 20-21, 2022.
“We are fortunate to have almost 20 outstanding women involved,” said Baron, “artists who play instruments, dance, paint, rap, write poetry, drum, tell stories, sing, act, weave and more.”
Pateros resident Cyndy Miller, whose family played a prominent role in the Memorial to the Methow exhibits in Lakeshore Park, attended the November workshop.
“The stories of all women in history are important and should be heard,” Miller said.
Together with Baron other Unsettled performers will feature Mandi Wickline, Marile Kunkel, Karen Francis McWhite, Susan Butruille, Terry Sloan, Holly Blue, Corky Broaddus, Carolyn Wilson, Sally Singer, Becky Fishburn, and Eden Moody. Indigenous participants include Julie Ann Edwards, Bernadine Phillips, Michelle Matt, and Stacy Coronado.
Earlier productions of this artistic and visionary collective have included In Celebration of Dangerous Women (2016) showcasing woman who dared to make a difference in our world, Spellbound (2017) highlighting history’s mystical woman including Joan of Arc, The Black Madonna, Hildegarde Von Binger, and others, and Victorious (2018) about women’s fight for the right to vote in the U.S.
To participate or learn more about Dangerous Women visit dangerous-women.org online or call Rhona Baron at 509-264-4060.

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